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If you think that your company has had a huge impact on e-commerce ecosystem in Serbia and region in the past year, we invite you to apply and take part in the first Hot Spot eCommerce Awards 2021! All legal entities of various branches and categories within e-commerce have the right to participate in the selection. Benefits of applying for the Hot Spot eCommerce Awards 2021: Strengthening consumer relations Notes from the expert jury that will help you improve your online business

In order to make the first ceremony of Hot Spot eCommerce Awards unforgettable and to award the companies that deserve it the most, we have chosen a unique jury, which will deliberate fairly. The final decision about the champions will be made by 7 influential people from the business world, while the audience will have a big role in the selection as the 8th member. The voting process takes place from December 1st to December 8th. The expert jury will have

4,500,000,000,000 or $4.5 trillion - seems like a lot, doesn't it? This amount of money has been accumulated in the past year alone within online commerce, i.e. e-commerce. This 13-digit figure clearly tells us that we are part of a system that is growing unstoppably and has no plans to stop. This is why it is time to point out and reward those who have contributed the most to the progress in Serbia and the region. We are proud to present